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Welcome to truckoo, the largest and only platform for completely digital truck purchase and sale! We are your reliable partner for the purchase and sale of trucks and commercial vehicles of all types and sizes.

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Selling and buying with ease.

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We make truck trade easy and convenient for sellers and buyers.

In truck purchase, we offer fair prices and a quick and uncomplicated transaction. Our professional team of truck experts can assess the value of your truck quickly and accurately, and give you a realistic price expectation. With us, you can sell trucks regardless of brand, model, condition, or mileage. Whether you want to sell a used or new truck, we can help you. As a seller, you benefit from our international network of over 300 dealers.

As a buyer, you benefit from our wide selection of commercial vehicles at competitive prices. Our vehicle descriptions leave no questions unanswered. Our experienced team helps you choose the right truck for your needs, and we can also organize transport for you.

Our truck purchase and sales service is not only fast and reliable, but also discreet and secure. We take care of all formalities and ensure that the purchase or sale runs smoothly and quickly. We also assist with the deregistration of the truck.

If you want to buy or sell a truck, simply use our form or contact us by phone or email. We are happy to answer all your questions. We look forward to helping you with your truck purchase or sale!